Overlocker Arrival

The unboxing of my new overlocker.

The overlocker has arrived. My thoughts: ‘What a complicated looking machine.’ It has come ready threaded, which I am extremely thankful for because threading that machine is the last thing I need. I just want to crack on with my sewing. I’m really eager to get going as I’ve really missed my time away from the sewing machine (is that a normal feeling??). I will give the instruction booklet a quick read and I may even watch parts of the instruction DVD. What are weekends for, if not to get to know your overlocker better?

My overlocker of choice is a Brother 1034D. The online reviews were quite good but I must admit that the deciding factor was the price. I get married in 4 months time and with a wedding to finish paying off for, I am barely justifying my sewing purchases. My motto is ‘A happy wife-to-be makes for a happy life with me.’ If I were to go on looks, which is all that this newbie can really go on, this overlocker appears to be able to do the job. When the time comes to eventually re-thread, the clearly marked, color-coded pathway of arrows should make it a relatively simple task. Here are some photos of the new arrival:


Just like the sewing machine, it was well packaged in order to avoid any damage in transit. I also received an instruction manual, warranty and instruction DVD. Plus, a bag filled with various accessories that I cannot name for lack of adequate knowledge, and I don’t imagine I’ll be using them any time soon:

Instruction manual, warranty and instruction DVD
Goodie bag
Foot pedal

Overall, I am impressed with the product so far. I definitely intend to get my money’s worth. There are sessions running at various venues in my local area that enable you to bring in your overlocker and get advice on how to use it. If I struggle to get to grips with the main functions of the overlocker then at least I have a backup plan, but that shouldn’t be necessary. I’m hoping to learn as I go along. Sigh…being a complete novice can be excruciatingly painful and frustrating – I just want to fast forward past this stage, but I know I’ll get the hang of this eventually. Enough procrastination, it’s time to sew. Fingers crossed, my next post will be another completed project.


Author: Sewing 4 Self Care

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2 thoughts on “Overlocker Arrival”

  1. A word of advice with the overlocker…..if you want to change cottons.
    Cut the cotton close to the cotton reel. Change the cotton reel, tie the end of the new to the old. Now run a piece of fabric through the machine until the new colours are showing on the fabric. It doesn’t always works, but it’s a lot easier than retreading the machine each time.
    Also, you’ve probably already been told this, but make sure you run a few inches of stitches after you’ve finished on the fabric.
    Good luck!

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    1. Thank you for this advice. I need to rethread the machine today for the first time and I’m not looking forward to it. This will definitely help.


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