Sewing Space Revamp Alert

My current sewing space and plans to revamp it.

I’ve moved from my designated corner in the dining room to the spare bedroom. I’ve been hankering after this space for quite a while, but to no avail. The Hubs surprised me by randomly suggesting that I should have it as my sewing space and I didn’t hesitate to claim it as my own.

As you can see, it leaves a lot to be desired, compared to the sewing spaces of Pinterest and Instagram! I’ve got big plans for this room that will more than likely happen in stages, so stay tuned for future changes over the course of this year.

So uninspiring!
The leaning tower of shoes must go!
Sneaky night time footage.

This will eventually become a wonderful, inspiring, sewing space. I realise I’ve got my work cut out, and any transformations will have to fit in around looking after my two little ones.

My plan is out there now. Nothing like accountability. No pressure! 🙈

Author: Sewing 4 Self Care

Wife. Mother. Sewing enthusiast. Entrepreneur. Softhearted. Intensely curious. Opinonated. Passionate.

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