Sewing Room Progress

Creating space for a standing height cutting table in the sewing room.

I was so tired of using the floor space as my table that I made the decision to commission a bespoke, cutting height table. I used a local carpenter, gave him the measurements, the design and sourced the wooden worktop myself. He sourced the materials for the shelving units and base of the table and we were good to go. The table took one, full day to construct.

COVID safe outdoor setup

I excitedly set about clearing a space for my massive table. Once it was in place, it would mean that I’d have no excuse but to start rearranging more of the room and start creating my ideal sewing space.

The space for the table is ready
View from within the room
View from outside the door

It looks like there will be plenty of space to spare once the table is in place, but that’s not the case. The table is massive. The worktop is in two parts and is screwed onto the base units. I genuinely believed that getting this table up our stairs was going to be the end of me! Even though it was in parts, it was heavier than the heaviest thing I can think of. Kudos to The Hubs who has strength of the like I never even realised!

The table in its space

This isn’t where I’d planned for the table to be placed but The Hubs just set it up and classed it as job done. To be fair, I don’t blame him (in hindsight, that is. At the time I was livid that I hadn’t gotten the chance to choose where I wanted my table to go). The placement will suffice for now. No one’s ready to move it again. The sewing room is finally starting to take shape and I can’t wait to add more to it. Keep an eye out for future updates on the continued transformation of this space.

Sewing Space Revamp Alert

My current sewing space and plans to revamp it.

I’ve moved from my designated corner in the dining room to the spare bedroom. I’ve been hankering after this space for quite a while, but to no avail. The Hubs surprised me by randomly suggesting that I should have it as my sewing space and I didn’t hesitate to claim it as my own.

As you can see, it leaves a lot to be desired, compared to the sewing spaces of Pinterest and Instagram! I’ve got big plans for this room that will more than likely happen in stages, so stay tuned for future changes over the course of this year.

So uninspiring!
The leaning tower of shoes must go!
Sneaky night time footage.

This will eventually become a wonderful, inspiring, sewing space. I realise I’ve got my work cut out, and any transformations will have to fit in around looking after my two little ones.

My plan is out there now. Nothing like accountability. No pressure! 🙈