The Gift That Almost Never Was

My experience of making a Spotify frame on my Cricut Maker, as a Valentine’s Day gift.

My beginner’s luck has run out. Or maybe I was getting a bit too confident and big for my boots with the Cricut project I chose to do next. I’ve been seeing a lot of Spotify frames around and I really wanted to try out my newly found Cricut skills to make one for The Hubs as a Valentine’s Day gift.

I must stress, this was made as a gift, I’ve no intentions to sell it, or make any to sell. Not least because it was so difficult to complete this project (more on this point later) but I don’t want to be guilty of copyright infringement, or any such thing. There are lots of tutorials on how to make this and there are also lots of sellers online making this for a profit, so if you want to make or buy one, the opportunity is there.

The weeding for this project was an absolute nightmare. I only heard of reverse weeding (placing transfer tape on top of the vinyl BEFORE weeding, placing it on the object and carefully peeling away the excess material, leaving your design in place and intact) once I’d finished the project.

The Hub’s Valentine’s Day gift

You may have noticed with my crafting posts that there are no progress photos, only finished results. This is because, for the most part, I’m winging it and my sewing room just looks like utter chaos!

I’ve used two different colours of card stock for the background (black and dark grey). The image of myself and my husband was created using the print and cut option and printable vinyl. Each and every letter and shape was painstakingly applied individually. Not something I’d recommend! There are small parts that are slightly wonky but overall I’m thrilled with the finish, all things considered.

The Hubs was given the honour of scanning the Spotify code (the wave pattern) and much to his excitement, and my bewilderment, the correct song started to play. For that alone, I’d say that the project was a win! It’s no coincidence that I’ve not touched my Cricut Maker since. I haven’t got any further projects in mind but I know it’ll be sewing related. I just need to find the right one to try. Any suggestions?

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