Greetings in Card Form

Making greetings cards using my Cricut Maker.

Not too long ago, I revamped my sewing machine case with a giraffe mandala. I also briefly mentioned my desire to create some greeting cards using my Cricut Maker. In the spirit of being held accountable, I am pleased to report that I achieved this goal, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I ordered a pack of card stock, chose my design and let the Cricut Maker do the work. I even gave the fine tipped pen a whirl, and it did the writing for me inside of the card. So impressive! I don’t have the scoring tool, to I folded the card myself, which wasn’t too much hassle. I was very worried about wasting card stock and making a mess of the project, but I took extra care, re-read the instructions on Design Space multiple times and things turned out ok.

A card for The Hubs (left) and my babies (right)

There are so many designs to choose from on Cricut Design Space. I currently have a subscription for it, while I navigate my way around the world of Cricut. This does mean that I have access to a lot of projects but there are also a lot of great designs, fonts and projects available on Design Space for free. I do hope to learn how to make my own designs in Design Space, then I can be less reliant on a subscription.

The cards were well received by their recipients and I even used the cuttings from the designs as table confetti at lunch time. My daughter also had a lot of fun playing with them afterwards. Waste not, want not! A very straight-forward project with good results. I feel ready to take on something more complicated.

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