Unboxing the Cricut Maker

Unboxing the Cricut Maker for the first time.


Hello there! I just received the Cricut Maker. It’s my birthday and my husband very kindly and lovingly purchased one for me. I thought that I would share my journey using the Cricut Maker as a complete novice with the machine, and just so I can look back and track my progress and see if I can go from complete beginner with no clue what to do, to having some idea and being able to make some really beautiful things using it.

Contents of the Box

So, here it is! The Cricut Maker fresh out of the box and here’s what it came with. Some cutting mats, the power adaptor, and in this box I imagine are the tools. I’m just opening it right now. Oh, look at this! “Materials for your first project.” Well, I never! Oooh, this is lovely. “Open me first.” The warranty…everybody needs a warranty in their lives. Ok, I imagine there are some tools underneath. Oooh, lovely! Well, you’re seeing this just as I’m seeing this. So, I’m going to have to open these lovely envelopes.

Goodness me, it just looks so beautiful. Right, let’s see, let’s open it up. Oh, wow! This is fantastic! It’s just so special. It just gives off the impression that it is a really, high quality product. I’m impressed. Here are the materials that were in that lovely envelope. Doesn’t it just feel as though you’re receiving an invitation to join a select club. It’s just amazing. Wonderful! “Get started in four steps.” Let’s see what they are. Unleash this beauty (giggles). Plug in and power on your fabulous new Cricut machine. Two, get connected. Three, make a little something, and four, bookmark the page. Well, I certainly will be on that page…a lot.


So, tools. I’ve got the rotary blade and then I’ve got the rotary blade cap. A fine point pen and some sort of extra connector. I’m unsure as to what it’s used for. Perhaps to connect your Cricut Maker to a computer or to the internet if you’re not wireless, or something of the sort? Not sure, I’ll have to check on that. I told you I was completely clueless.


Those are the contents of the box. The Cricut Maker itself, the rotary blade with extra accessories, and the power adaptor and a few cutting mats to get you started. There’s no physical booklet containing instructions. You have to visit the website in order to get it set up and from what I understand. you get given a project to start with, and that’s how you get to grips with the machine. So, my next thing is to go onto the Cricut website to set it up and start a project.

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