The Cricut Maker

Celebrating receiving the Cricut Maker for my birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! 🥳 Full credit goes to The Hubs for taking my (not so subtle) hints and getting me the Cricut Maker as my birthday present. 🎉 I deliberated long and hard as to which die cutting machine I would find the most useful and decided on the Cricut.

Not only is there a plethora of information on all things Cricut Maker, in the form of tutorials and support groups, it also cuts fabric using a rotary blade. This means that I can potentially cut out patterns using this beauty! How to do that is a worry for future Corrine! For now, I will celebrate with much singing and dancing (and a little bit of drinking). 💃🏽

The Cricut Maker and a little tipple for the birthday girl

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