Material Girl

It’s all for the love of fabric. The stash continues to grow.

Fabric, fabric fabric….I can’t get enough of it! I am a material girl, through and through!! Recently, I have been working with lots of different types of fabric, mostly because I will be setting up an Etsy shop by the end of April 2017. I have quite a few items lined up to eventually sell, however I have decided to start off with zipper pouches. They are very easy to make and I have decided that I would like mine to come in a variety of colours.

My fabric of choice for the zipper pouches is PVC coated cotton, as I really like the finished look that is achieved. I have also decided to start making garments, my first of which will be a dress. ‘The Bettine’ dress, to be exact, from Tilly and the Button’s pattern collection for beginners. I then have a simple, sleeveless summer top in mind for my second garment project.

One of my fabric choices for a zipper pouch
Fabric for ‘The Bettine’ dress (white) and sleeveless top (blue)

With each project, more fabric is required and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at different fabrics, both online and in store. It’s really quite addictive (and expensive)! I get the distinct feeling that my love for fabric is only just beginning. If it’s wrong, I don’t ever want to be right!

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10 thoughts on “Material Girl”

  1. Once you have the fabric buying bug, it never goes. I have yards and yards of fabric that I’ve brought over the years, because I could, because I liked it…..usually the reasoning behind buying it is if you don’t get some now you won’t have the chance again! I used to make a lot of ball gowns for myself, I’ve never got out of the I’ll take 3 meters of that it’ll make a great dress!
    As for Anglian Fashion Fabrics it is an amazing shop…..proper Aladdins Cave. I’ve never set foot in that shop and left with nothing!! They always seem to have what you’re looking for, even when you’ve just popped in with someone else and you’re not looking!
    Abakhan Fabrics and Minerva Crafts are really good online. As are Sherwood Fabrics.
    Good luck!

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    1. I’m so glad that it’s a normal side effect of sewing. I’m also finding myself eying up people’s garments to figure out what fabric they are made from and the quality of the fabric. I’m currently eyeing up some fabric on the Minerva Crafts website. I’ve not heard of the other two but I’ll visit their online stores. I’m just about managing to restrain myself from purchasing more fabric until after the wedding in July. However, I’m tempted to make myself a few outfits for our honeymoon so that will be my justification if I do purchase more 😂

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      1. Another good shop is the Fent Shop in Kings Lynn…..not quite the selection of Anglian Fashion Fabrics, but still very good.

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  2. Eeek, I meant to add more detail before sending. The fabric on this post I got from Anglia Fashion Fabrics and The Range (this is where the glittery fabric is from – it may be available online, not sure). Both located not far from where I live in Norwich so I visited the store. The fabric in my other post is from The Textile Centre xx


  3. Hey, where have you been picking up your fabric online? I’ve been using UK Fabrics Online and Fabric Land UK. Always good to have a few options though 🙂 Thanks for sharing xx


    1. I got these two from The Textile Centre: They currently have a sale PLUS 10% off at the checkout. I’m planning to order some more fabric from then tomorrow. It’s great quality and the delivery charge is very reasonable compared to some online fabric retailers. Happy shopping! xx


    1. Thank you. Hopefully the results will compliment the fabric 🤞🏾😀 I’ll share the photos whether they be good or bad.

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